Smoke Damage & Odor Removal

Soot and smoke odors are factors that linger long after the fire has been put out. They both tend to attract to porous materials, making it difficult to clean and remove stubborn odors.

First Call 24/7 is a full service restoration company with extensive experience removing soot and smoke odors. We are well equipped to handle the various types of soot and smoke. Depending upon the material burned will determine the type of soot byproduct or odor. When we arrive to your home, we will arrive with the exact tools and equipment to get our work started.

Servicing the Ft. Lauderdale and South Florida counties since 2005, we have hired a team of certified technicians to assist you in any smoke damage or odor removal cases. Every case is different and our technicians will make sure to evaluate the entire situation before starting work. This includes a thorough evaluation of the damage, as well as hidden areas of secondary damage. Once a clear agenda is established, we will communicate our restoration plan so that all parties involved have a clear understanding of the work to be done.

Soot Removal

Soot RemovalSoot will occur when the combustion process is incomplete. Usually in the form of flakes, there are two types – oily and dry. The easiest way is to take a tissue a wipe across the soot in a straight line. If there is a smear, then you are dealing with oily soot.

The first action step is to clean the affected area with a HEPA vacuum cleaner to pick up all of the loose particles. We use HEPA-grade vacuums in order to ensure soot particulates do not re-enter the indoor air environment. Once the area is vacuumed, we will go over the area one more time with a lambs-wool duster. This helps us grab the remaining soot present.

If oily soot remains, then we will get to work by applying a degreaser to address any remaining soot. Using the most environmentally friendly cleaners, we will gently apply the degreaser to fire damaged areas. These degreasers are designed to break apart the chemical compounds of the soot, allow us to gently remove and clean.

Soot can be extremely difficult to clean, and you will want to reach out to professionals for help. This is not a job you want to attempt by yourself. Many times, we are able to clean and salvage contents that at first seemed ruined. When you call First Call 24/7, we will arrive to your home quickly with all of the right tools and cleaning solutions to get the job done right.

Odor Removal

Odor RemovalThere are only a few odors worse smoke odors in your property. They are extremely hard to clean and require professional tools to remove. You see, smoke will permeate into the porous contents of your home such as carpet, carpet padding, sheetrock, and upholstery.

There are however, tools and solutions available in the marketplace that can help. First Call 24/7 understands the proper way to remove smoke odors permanently. We use a specific, patented tool that fills the affected area with an environmentally-friendly vapor. In this vapor, the chemicals attach to the smoke particulates in the air and neutralizes them – completely dissipating the odor.

For extremely intense applications, we are certified by the IICRC to use Ozone machines. For these cases, we would need to make sure occupants are not present in the home in order to execute. The results however, are an odor free property!

First Call 24/7: Smoke and Odor Removal Services

First Call 24/7 is full service restoration contractor equipped with the proper tools to address any mitigation project! Our emergency response team available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When you place a call, our team will arrive within 45 minutes or less. Servicing the Ft. Lauderdale and South Florida area since 2005, we understand the ins and outs of soot and odor removal.

The key to our success is fast response and full communication with our clients. We will always keep you up to speed on the process and where we reside in each step. The results are a soot and odor free property for you!

Do not leave your restoration project to just anyone. Choose the company that will help you get the job done right the first time.

Interested in learning more? Give us a call at 1-866-637-9669 for your no-obligation free estimate!

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