Commercial Water Damage Restoration

Commercial buildings can experience a burst in their sprinkler system line or a broken pipe unexpectedly. Depending on how long the damage goes unnoticed, you could be sitting on tens of thousands of dollars in repairs and lost productivity. Many times water will seep behind the walls and saturate not only building materials on the affected floor, but several floors down as well. When this happens you need to act fast and bring in a company that knows how to deal with commercial water damage.

Commercial Water Damage RestorationFirst Call 24/7 is certified by the IICRC in Water Damage Restoration, and has the experience successfully restoring commercial properties to their pre-loss condition. Licensed, bonded and insured, we take your water loss seriously and have invested in the proper credentials to prove it.

If you are filing an insurance claim, we can assist by directly working with your insurance adjuster in helping the claims process along. We will make sure to provide all of the necessary documentation, photos, drawings or sketches needed. Rest assured, if you choose First Call 24/7, the claims process will never be held up on account of us.

Immediate Response

First Call 24/7 has built our reputation in the Ft. Lauderdale and South Florida areas by providing fast and immediate response. In fact, we have implemented a 45 minute or less estimated arrival time for the Ft. Lauderdale and South Florida areas. Doing so helps prevent any further damage from occurring.

When our technicians arrive, they will go to work by identifying the source of the water loss. We will make sure the culprit is addressed and will establish an effective drying plan. Once the drying plan is signed off, we will go to work extracting any standing water and begin the drying process. We understand that every water damage loss is unique, and will adjust our processes to meet the need of your project.

The key is immediate response. The quicker we arrive and start the mitigation process, the less damage you will experience and the quicker you can get back to operating your business.

Thermal Heat Drying System

Keeping with the fast-drying theme, we have heavily invested in thermal heat drying systems and direct heat drying systems. With the application of heat, we are able to dry out an affected area, and their contents in a shorter period of time.

Many of our competitors promote they can dry a property in 4-7 days. It is clear that they are using a more conventional approach. However, when thermal heat and direct heat drying systems are used, you can cut those dry times down by 50%. That additional time saved means your employees can go back to work, productivity levels can increase, and your risk of mold growth or secondary damage significantly decreases.

Preventing Water Damage in your Property

Not every water damage situation in a commercial building can be prevented, however there are certain actions you can take to make sure your risk is minimized.

  • Stay in tune with your tenants: Your tenants will be the first to let you know if something is amiss. Set up a specific e-mail for your tenants to submit concerns. They may be able to catch something your maintenance crew normally would not see and prevent a large disaster.
  • Periodically inspect areas of the building envelope: Each quarter, have your maintenance team inspect windows, the roof, doorways, and the surrounding areas for water damage. Windows and the roof are especially at risk since water damage can occur from small weaknesses in the structure.
  • Make sure to inspect the drain and gutter systems of the roof. If these are not working properly, you could have water start accumulating on the roof. The added weight could cause initial weaknesses to grow more severe and start leaking into the building envelope. This additional moisture could cause water damage to occur.
  • Inspect Exterior Walls: Cracks and weaknesses of the exterior walls could contribute to water damage as well. Have your maintenance crew take a look at exterior walls on a quarterly basis.

Choose First Call 24/7

First Call 24/7 is fully equipped with an emergency response water damage team available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Servicing the Ft. Lauderdale and South Florida area for 10 years, we are committed to fast response times and drying your property as quickly as we can. One of the early adopters of thermal heat drying, we have the ability to cut down your dry times significantly.

Interested in learning more? Give us a call at 1-866-637-9669 your no-obligation free estimate!

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