Flood Damage Repair

A flood in your property can be a devastating event. Anytime outside water enters your property you could have a huge mess. Groundwater and floodwater is extremely hazardous and can seep into all of the porous contents present in the affected area.

Flood Damage RestorationIf you are a victim of a flood, call First Call 24/7. We pride ourselves in immediate response by answering your phone call every time and arriving on-site within 45 minutes. Servicing the Ft. Lauderdale and South Florida areas for 10 years, we have the experience you need to handle any sized flood you are facing. We are certified by the IICRC and licensed, bonded and insured.

Whether you are a residential or commercial facility, our tools and techniques are designed to dry your property faster. Using thermal drying technology, along with convection drying systems, we can dry affected areas and contents in three days or less. Our competition touts 4-7 days which means more risk of secondary damage. When you choose First Call 24/7, we will arrive fast and dry your property fast- guaranteed.

Floodwater: Category 3 Water

Why is floodwater so dangerous? Typically, when you experience flooding, outside water is pouring into your property. This outside water mixes with fuel, chemicals, bacteria, mold, viruses and debris. When this water enters your property, the first thing it does is saturate anything porous with contaminated water. Needless to say, much of the contents affected will be deemed unsalvageable.

According to the IICRC, floodwater is considered Category 3 water – which means consumption could cause death in humans. Any building material such as sheetrock, insulation, and paneling that has been affected must be removed 12-15’ above the water line. In addition, porous contents must be discarded.

Category 3 waters requires a specific cleaning and disinfecting procedure. Cleaning with biocides must be done prior to the sanitization process and must be applied to all salvageable studs. Using brush-agitation methods, we are able to facilitate biocide dispersion into the small cracks and crevices.

When you call First Call 24/7 we will send out a team of professionals that are IICRC certified immediately! Arriving within 45 minutes, our technicians understand how to extract, dry and sanitize category 3 areas. Our mission is to ensure we dry your property quickly to avoid any future water damage associated with the flood.

Protecting your Home from Flood Damage

Many times, we get questions from our clients how they could have prevented flood damage in the first place. There are some cases where a flood simply is not preventable. However, sometimes you can prevent flooding with a few simple steps. Proper maintenance is always the key, but for more specific information, read on.

  • Know the flood zone of your property: Before buying a home or commercial building, know where the property falls within flood zone levels. If the property is at high risk, or has experienced flooding in the past, you may want to reconsider the purchase.
  • Have permanent appliances elevated above flood zone levels: This would be your water heaters, washing machines, and HVAC systems place in area that would be free of a flood if disaster struck.
  • Waterproof your foundation: Overtime buildings tend to settle, which means cracks can occur within the foundation of your property. Take time to bring in a professional who can help you identify any weaknesses and repair them before a hurricane or other disaster strikes.
  • Install a foundation drain system: To avoid accumulation of water near the foundation, have a foundation drain system installed. This way, the system will pump and drain any standing water that accumulates near the base of the foundation. The key is to avoid that water damage from entering your home by draining away the additional standing water.

Choose First Call 24/7

If you have experienced flood damage in your home, or would like to prepare a plan in case of an emergency, give  First Call 24/7 a call and our flood restoration team will help you.

We have built our reputation as the company that will respond quickly to your call! This means that when you give us a call, we will arrive within 45 minutes or less. We know that an immediate response is essential in minimizing further damage and will start the extraction process upon arrival.

Certified by the IICRC, we have achieved all of our proper licenses. In addition our company is bonded and insured to meet any of your restoration needs. We have been servicing the Ft. Lauderdale and South Florida area for 10 years, and would love to work with you.

Give us a call at 1-866-637-9669 for your no-obligation free estimate!

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