Can water damage in my home be fixed

Why water damage is such a problem for homeowners

Water damage [can be] a rather serious situation, especially in older homes.  Damage can result from any number of causes including leaking roofs, broken pipes, and appliances that drip beneath the countertops.  Unfortunately, many of these incidents go undetected until it’s too late to prevent costly repairs. That doesn’t mean there isn’t anything you can do if your home is experiencing some form of water damage. Quite the contrary — there are quite a few things you can do yourself to avoid extensive repair costs and further damage down the line.

What causes unnecessary repair bills

Fixing wet carpets or furniture is no big deal unless they’ve been allowed to sit wet for days or even weeks.  After that short amount of time, moisture can seep into subflooring, sub-walls and walls where studs are becoming moldy. Once mold sets in it can spread quickly through an entire home after just 24 hours so time is of the essence when you suspect there’s already a problem with water damage.

There are some other concerns to consider as well, such as drywall cracking or buckling.  These problems may not become apparent until construction workers begin tearing down walls during the restoration process which means additional repair costs (and headaches).

What you can do yourself to avoid costly repairs

If you’re watching your bank account closely but still want to act fast should you discover any signs of water damage at your home, simply shut off the water supply. Although this may not always prevent further damage, it can certainly hold it back significantly for a day or two which could give you time to consult with professional water restoration companies.

Steps to take when waiting for help from professionals

Make sure there’s no fire hazard present such as sparking wires in outlets before getting started on any work yourself. Call your insurance company and let them know you’re going to be making repairs so they can send someone out hopefully within 48 hours to look over the damage and see whether or not the policy will  cover costs (although don’t rely on that promise). Find out how much coverage you have under your policy and how soon you can expect to receive it.

 Get in touch with a plumber to help you locate the main water shutoff valve just in case of emergencies. Make sure everyone living in your house knows where this critical piece of equipment is located so they won’t be running around frantically trying to find it if there’s ever an emergency or further damage occurs.

Water damage restoration companies are the best source for quick cleanup and repair of any type of water loss at your home.  

How do those professional restoration companies work?

Water restoration services use some of the same techniques as carpet cleaners but on a much more powerful scale.  Steam cleaning works well for carpets and rugs but doesn’t cut it when it comes to repairing and restoring damaged areas throughout your home (such as drywall, wood floors, etc.) because dry vapor cleaning usually doesn’t remove harmful contaminants such as bacteria and chemicals from flooded areas which can cause serious health problems down the road. A water restoration company knows just what equipment is needed for any type of water loss at your home and will either provide it themselves will work with the insurance company to make sure you get what’s needed for full restoration.

Why take chances with an unknown carpet cleaner when there are reputable professionals standing by waiting to help you should something go wrong?  It only takes a phone call to put these pros on standby for free in case of emergency which means you’ll receive fast, effective service for whatever size job is necessary (no matter how big or small).

Signs of water damage in your home

Water damage can be tricky to detect because it doesn’t always look wet on the surface.  You may not even know there’s a problem until you put your hand on the drywall and feel that unmistakable slimy texture caused by water seeping into porous materials.

What are signs of hidden flood damage?

Foul odors, warped wood under carpeting, weak structural supports (such as floors), dark stains on walls or ceilings are all signs that your home may have experienced flood damage which is probably why so many homeowners wait until it’s too late before taking action to minimize further destruction. Professional restoration services provide thorough cleanup for any type of water loss at your home so don’t hesitate to invest in top-notch repair work you know will be done right the first time.

Water damage is a serious problem for homeowners and insurance companies alike so the restoration process has to be performed by professionals using effective equipment in order to minimize further risk.  These companies have all the necessary equipment needed for any size job plus highly trained technicians who know how to find hidden dangers before it’s too late.

By being proactive, your home won’t have to suffer from any further water damage which means you’ll receive fast service from reliable professionals at a price that you can easily afford.


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